Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

Thank you for visiting this website of Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd. Personal data are only collected on this website to the extent that is technically necessary. The following information explains how we collect, process and use your personal data and for what purpose.

1. Data collection and processing

When you access this website, we collect and temporarily save general technical information, such as the IP address of your computer, the website from which you visited our website, and the time and duration of your visit. We anonymise and statistically analyse this information and use it exclusively to improve the appeal, content and functionality of our website.

2. Personal data

Additional personal data, such as your email address, name and address, are only collected if you provide them voluntarily, e.g. when using our contact form to send an enquiry or when registering for our extranet. You provide this data on an explicitly voluntary basis and with your consent. We use your personal data solely for the purpose for which you provided it to us, e.g. for the purpose of corresponding with you about your enquiry or processing a contract. Your enquiries may also be forwarded to our importers and authorised dealers. Your data will not be used for other purposes without your express consent. Of course you may withdraw your consent for the future at any time. To do so, please send a short email to: [email protected].

3. Job applications

If you apply for a job at one of our companies electronically, your data will be treated confidentially and used solely to process your application. The transmit of data are encrypted.

4. Forwarding of data

Your data will not be transmitted to third parties unless we are legally obliged to do so. Where external service providers have access to your personal data, we have put legal, technical and organisational measures in place and carry out regular checks to ensure that the external service providers comply with the provisions of data protection law.

5. Cookies

We use cookies for the purposes of statistical analysis. Cookies are files that are stored on your computer’s hard disk and help to improve navigation. They enable you to avoid having to enter all the necessary data each time you use the website. Cookies help us to tailor our website precisely to your needs, e.g. your preferred language or areas of interest. If you do not want this, you simply need to deactivate acceptance of cookies in your browser. Most browsers accept cookies automatically but enable you to refuse them or will warn you before saving them. For more details of how this works, please see the operating instructions from your browser provider.

6. Secure data transfer

We have taken extensive technical and operational security precautions to ensure that the personal data we store is protected against unauthorised access and misuse. Our security precautions are reviewed regularly and adapted in line with the latest technologies.

7. Your rights

Transparency is very important to us. In accordance with our legal obligation, we will be happy to inform you whether we have stored your personal data – and if so, what personal data. If you wish to receive this information, please send us a written request. As stipulated in the Singapore Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), you can, if applicable, demand that this data be corrected, blocked or deleted, provided this is permitted under the statutory record retention requirements.

If you have any questions about the processing of your personal data, you can also contact our data protection officer, who is available if you require information or have any feedback.

8. Disclaimer

Information contained in these websites is checked and updated by Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd with due diligence on a regular basis. This notwithstanding, data may become subject to changes during the intervening period. Therefore, Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd do not assume any liability or guarantee for the timeless accuracy and completeness of the information provided.

This applies also to other websites that may be accessed through hyperlinks. Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd assume no responsibility for the contents of websites that can be accessed through such links. Further, Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd reserve the right to change or amend the information provided at any time and without prior notice.

Contents and structure of the Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd website are copyright protected. Reproduction of information or data content, in particular the use of text, pictures or graphics, requires the prior approval of Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd.



感谢您浏览Christian Communications Singapore和CCL出版私人有限公司的网站。本网站只在技术上需要的范围内收集个人数据。以下信息解释了我们如何收集、处理和使用您的个人资料,以及用于什么目的。

1. 数据收集和处理


2. 2.个人数据

只有在您自愿提供的情况下,我们才会收集额外的个人数据,如您的电子邮件地址、姓名和地址,例如,当您使用我们的联系表格发送询问或在我们的外联网上注册时。您是在明确的自愿基础上并经您同意后提供这些数据的。我们仅将您的个人数据用于您提供给我们的目的,例如,就您的咨询与您联系或处理合同。您的查询也可能被转发给我们的进口商和授权经销商。未经您的明确同意,您的数据不会被用于其他目的。当然,您可以在任何时候撤销您对未来的同意。要做到这一点,请发送一封简短的电子邮件到:[email protected]

3. 工作申请


4. 数据的转发


5. Cookies


6. 安全数据传输


7. 您的权利



8. 免责声明

Christian Communications Singapore及CCL出版私人有限公司会定期检查和更新这些网站上的信息。尽管如此,数据可能会在这段时间内发生变化,因此Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd不承担任何责任或保证。因此,Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd不对所提供信息的永恒准确性和完整性承担任何责任或保证。

这也适用于其他可能通过超链接访问的网站。Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd对通过这些链接访问的网站的内容不承担任何责任。此外,Christian Communications Singapore & CCL Publications Pte Ltd保留随时更改或修改所提供信息的权利,恕不另行通知。

Christian Communications Singapore与CCL出版私人有限公司网站的内容和结构受版权保护。复制信息或数据内容,特别是使用文字、图片或图表,必须事先获得Christian Communications Singapore及CCL出版私人有限公司的批准。

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