Growing Deep in Faith


About the author

Edmund Chan, the senior pastor of Covenant Evangelical Free Church, is a reflective practitioner. He is recognised as having the exceptional gift of making complex things simple. In demand as an insightful expositor of the Word, his speaking engagements are often booked three to five years in advance.

A widely influential Singaporean pastor, Edmund is an esteemed mentor to key Christian leaders both in Singapore and internationally. He also serves on the advisory councils of several Christian organisations.

Edmun read for his Masters degree at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, USA in just two semesters and graduated summa cum laude. This is his fifth book after Built to Last: Towards a Disciplemaking Church (2001), Growing Deep in God (2002), Mentoring Paradigms (2008), and Roots and Wings (2009, with Ann Chan).

He is married to Ann, who is likewise a gifted pastor, and they have two teenage daughters, Amanda and Belicia. Together, they enjoy watching TV series such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Monk.

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Life is complex. Problems suddenly appear out of nowhere. Questions arise. Doubts abound. And faith is sorely challenged. How do we develop a robust faith that will hep us meet the unexpected challenges of life?

In this profound yet practical book, Rev Edmund Chan challenges our conventional assumptions about faith and re-examines our traditional interpretations of Scripture. With wisdom and deep insight, he reveals that a strong faith is not the domain of super Christians, but is simple and accessible to everyone – because faith is not about us; faith is all about God! Such faith looks up to God and, seeing Him for who He is, rises above the trials and vicissitudes of life. This is a faith not simply reserved for moving mountains, but one that encompasses all aspects of life and is lived out daily. Ultimately, it is about God.

As you read the pages, you will discover the heart of God, that is bigger and better than you dared imagine. When you are inspired towards a greater love and a fuller obedience, you will discover that when we that when we grow deep in God, we grow deep in faith.

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