Homosexuality FAQs – A Christian Perspective


Editor: Daniel Lim & Ian Toh

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“Homosexuality FAQs – A Christian Perspective” is a wonderful guide for churches. It helps readers to understand the issue more comprehensively, find out the viewpoints of the Bible, and learn how to reach out and serve LGBTQ community. This book clears doubts and confusions on LGBTQ through 10 questions in the first section. It tries to rebut general arguments from objective and scientific perspective. In the second section, it discusses LGBTQ from biblical perspective through 16 questions. Lastly, the editors laid out 6 questions to discuss the relation between Christians and the society on LGBTQ issue. Each answer begins with “quick response” to give readers the key concept, then followed by elaboration and more supplementary information. This structure is clear and easy to follow. It does not merely lay out a pile of data and evidence, but also shares ministry tips at the end of some answers, so that readers can break through the frame of merely knowledge, thinking and critique; and more important they can learn how to bridge the gap between the LGBTQ and us, counsel and serve LGBTQ community. Whether you want to know more the issue or feel the burden to serve the LGBTQ community, this book is worth to read.

Section 1: Sexuality 101
Section 2: Christian’s Position / Ministry
Section 3: Social Engagement / Answering Common Hard Questions

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